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it exploded




Quite a few updates in this one!

There's all new graphics and color sequences for the explosions. To support this the existing explosion routine had to be rewritten from scratch. In fact, a number of routines have undergone revisions so let me know if you spot something odd.

While play testing I discovered something about the destroyed station pods that we didn't get quite right for the vertical station. For the horizontal station, after destroying this pod it's not possible to shoot the one just below it. This matches the arcade:

However, for the vertical station, after destroying this pod you have a clear shot at the pod to the left. That makes it much easier to take out a station.

At the same time Nathan was play testing, and he discovered it was possible to hit the core with a diagonal shot between two destroyed pods:

So destroyed pod graphics have been updated to prevent both issues:
blogentry-3056-0-34024700-1496886368.png blogentry-3056-0-87977800-1496887049.png

Even with that change the diagonal shot was still sometimes attainable, so we fattened up the player's shots a touch.

Lastly cd-w's made some updates to the CDF driver. He fixed fix a noisy audio issue when using IRQ Audio mode (I hadn't been using that mode until now because the noise was so bad!), resolved a compatibility issue with the 7800, and changed it to zero out C Variable storage upon boot to fix a problem with static variables. We are aware of one remaining issue with the CDF driver - if you flash the Harmony with a CDF game it will boot up OK on a 2600, but might not boot on a 7800.

For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.0-pre8 or newer)

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