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Sega Forever suffers from poor emulation




For some reason I've never gotten into Sega's consoles. Sure I've played Sonic, but that's about it. However, when I heard about Sega Forever, I thought I might give it a try - watch a few ads, play a few games. But now I probably won't bother.

The question for me is why Sega would release anything less than perfect. I have to conclude the decision makers at Sega don't care about their games, only about making money. Not to say that making money isn't important for a company, but I suspect Sega Forever will make less money than if they spent more money to release a better product. Instead of engaging players so they play more, and thus watch more ads, this poor product (with apparently heavy advertising) is more likely to turn players off - resulting in higher short term gains, but very little long term returns.

I also suspect the difficulty of emulating consoles is not appreciated. The primitive CPUs and GPUs were tightly coupled and many games exploited this via cycle counting techniques. Reproducing this relationship, especially in devices which can vary considerably. Plus there's no easy way to "scale down" for lower performance devices.

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It sounds like they ditched their proprietary emulators from 2009 and tried to bundle everything into Unity, which would make it easier to port to other platforms. Why this got out of QA as is remains a mystery.

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Beancounters and marketing think they know everything "retro". It's a completely different animal to work with a fine-tuned freeware emulator that has been in development for years or decades than it is to re-write everything in favor of a certain game engine.


We're gonna see more shit as emulation continues to be commercialized and monetized. I have yet to see any for-pay emulator exceed what's been done under open-source and community collaboration.

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