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My Dissertation on a female Doctor Who



Friend # 1
Ok..just gonna say right off the bat...I am not a fan of Dr. Who...that being said...why is everyone freaking out about a female Doctor? I don't get it! The gender of the doctor is completely irrelevant! It's about as dumb as when people freaked out about there not being enough white American actors in Rogue One...or the new Star Trek series....priorities people...priorities...

Friend # 2
I stopped watching after series 9 so I couldn't care less if the Doctor is a woman. it was going to happen eventually.


My thoughts:
I agree with Friend #2 in that I have not watched the show much since Matt Smith only because I missed it on Netflix and now I don't have BBC. The show has been controversal before and will more than likely survive this.

I think a female Master was the test to see how things would go. I still say, doesn't apply, the Master is just an odd duck, and that up till the last few years Timelords and Timeladies remained the same gender as they regenerated. And then in the episode "Heaven Sent" they showed a onscreen regeneration of a Gallifreyian changing from man to woman. So there you go. Oh well.

So in summary, happy for the fans that will be inspired by this incarnation of the Doctor. I think maybe (and this was not on the Bingo card) perhaps I just see Doctor Who as silly and might have outgrown the show. I think there comes a point where a show like Doctor Who can only inspire so far until you hopefully become the "Doctor" you hoped to be. I don't have a time machine, but I enjoy my own heroics and adventures. Got the Doctor to thank for that.

With that, I'm going to go pop in some Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston, and Jon Pertwee episodes and raise a toast in passing to the new Who. 1f603.png Fly on bro... er... sist.. whatever you are!

-Doctor Clu


Recommended Comments

I'm a fan of the show, have been as long as I can remember. Tom Baker was "THE" Doctor, at least to me. I grew up watching Tom Baker. I watched the Doctor Who movie in 1996 that many fans hated and I liked it. When the show came back in 2005, I watched every episode. Each Dr. brought their own style to the part. Quite a few times I remember being upset when I learned a new Dr. was replacing the one I had just really started to like. Once I was a few episodes in to each, I was fine with the new Doctor, as if they really were the same person.

I'm hoping the next one will be the same way, even though the Dr. will be a woman. Honestly, I feel like it isn't the best idea, but I can't fault them for trying something new. I really don't feel like a lot of fans will be very accepting of the change, but only time will tell. I'm not at all familiar with the actress who will be replacing Peter Capaldi. That may be a good thing, since I won't be associating her with any other character she may have played.


I will tell you what really gets under my skin. It's the length of the seasons. It seems like it's over as soon as it begins. Most of the shows I follow have at LEAST 20 episodes per season, sometimes 24 or more! When it comes to Doctor Who, as soon as I get really into it, the season is over and then I'm stuck waiting for the Christmas Special, then it's back to waiting again.


I didn't notice it so much when there were spin offs, like Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures (I miss Elisabeth Sladen). I really wish they would do more spin offs to keep me occupied until the Doctor was back.

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I have no problem with he becoming a she, but I just hope it doesn't become a running gag. I expect there will be some shtick about the body change, similar to when Matt Smith's Doctor completed regeneration, but after that it should be business as usual. (as much as it would with a male regeneration)


TBH I would have preferred to see Capaldi stay on and us get a new spin-off about a female time lord (River Song?) but that's because I like the feel of an older Doctor, and Peter's acting specifically. I enjoyed Matt Smith's run, but the romantic angles became grating after a while, and that becomes less tempting for the writers when the Doc is an old man or lady.

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