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Ghostbusters (2016) [It does not inhabit the same universe as the originals.]

Random Terrain



I get STARZ for free and I noticed that the 2016 Ghostbusters was going to be on, so I recorded it. I was out of things to keep me company while doing tedious work on my web site, so I started watching/listening to it.

Since the movie came out, various people have been arguing that the film is a continuation, not a remake or a reboot. The article linked to below says that although the movie is supposed to be a reboot, you can believe that it inhabits the same universe as the originals without any problems:


Here's the interesting thing, though; if you want to believe that the Ghostbusters reboot inhabits the same universe as the originals, then you won't have any problems. There are two key scenes that leave the possibility wide open.

It's Not Wide Open — There Are Many Problems

At around 19 minutes, the women are excited about seeing a ghost and say they were right, they weren't crazy, and ghosts are real. If this movie inhabited the same universe, they'd already know that ghost are real thanks to the original Ghostbusters team.

At around 23 minutes, they say they can become the first scientists to prove the existence of the paranormal. All they have to do is find an entity and capture it. If this movie inhabited the same universe, they'd know the original Ghostbusters team already did that.

At around 35 minutes, a graffiti "artist" ends up painting what becomes the Ghostbusters logo. If this movie inhabited the same universe, the logo would already exist.

At around 42 minutes, they are surprised that their new car is a hearse. If this movie inhabited the same universe, they'd know that the original Ghostbusters used a

At around 46 minutes, a guy on the news calls them "GHOSTBUSTERS" and one of them complains that it's not their name and that the news can't just make up a name. If this movie inhabited the same universe, the Ghostbusters name would be famous, not something a news guy just made up.

At around 47 minutes, Bill Murray plays a debunker (Martin Heiss). If this movie inhabited the same universe, wouldn't Bill Murray play a crusty old version of Dr. Peter Venkman who is still trying to get laid every 10 seconds?

At around 1:05 when talking about the cat being out of the bag before, the men are talking about things like UFOs, people dying mysteriously, and the entire town of Langville, Montana going missing, not what happened with the original Ghostbusters team.

At around 1:35, they choose the shape of the giant thing that attacks. Not one mention of something similar happening before. Speaking of not mentioning anything, they don't seem to recognize the huge Stay Puft Marshmallow Man balloon ghost that falls on them at around 1:28.


Since this movie has scenes that are very similar to the original and it has new content, I guess that means it's a remake and a reboot. It's a remakeboot. It is not a continuation. It does not inhabit the same universe as the originals.

This isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's not even close to being as good as the original. It was unfunny for the most part and almost all of the characters were uninteresting.
character was about the only one worth watching. You don't really get to know any of them like you did in the original. The director,
, can
if he thinks the only reason I don't like the movie is because it has them thar cooty-filled females starring in it.

Random Terrain
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I haven't seen it, though I probably will someday (or not)...What I do know is that your last sentence seems to be the going consensus...


I like some of his other movies, but doubt I'll care much for this one...


If you think about it, Ghostbusters was kind of hit or miss...The 1st movie was Awesome...Second one was barely passable..The cartoon series was Brilliant!


A lot of my friends agreed, they'd have had a better second movie if they used story lines from the cartoon (or comic books)...

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I think what is interesting is all the points you gave on how so many circumstantial things referencing the original movie seem to come out of thin air point to one aspect: a mass wipe of everyone's memory.


To me it is like a mass "Men In Black" moment where everyone has forgotten all the ghostly events related to the Ghostbusters. And the original Ghostbusters to me seem to be watching the developments of the new female Ghostbusters. Are they concerned about the memory of Ghostbusters resurfacing?


*Peter is as he has always been, a quack. He takes a picture of the capture unit, possibly to report it back to Ray and possibly Winston?

*Ray spouts off technobabble about ghosts as a taxi driver.

*Egon is a statue looking into the office of the professor Ghostbuster. Possible camera placed there by the original crew in their monitoring?

*And Winston is the same as ever, trying to make ends meet. :D


As the ghostly actively increases, so does an entire city's memories of the repressed events of the Ghostbusters.


1) the hearse.

2) the firehouse. Which eventually the women take.

3) the emblem.


Other things that show this is the same universe:

1) The locations

2) Slimer

3) The Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.


I believe if we had a second movie,which is unlikely, we would got the rest of the story of why the city had to forget the original Ghostbusters. And they probably would have teamed up to some degree to handle an ancient returning threat: Zuul.

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I'm sick of people saying that someone is sexist for just not thinking this movie comes close to the original. It's okay... I think it's slightly better than Ghostbusters II but not much. If they wouldn't have moved the dance scene to the credits (at least thank heavens for that) GB II would have come out on top. I think the fact that it is still nowhere near as good as the original and the fact that it exists essentially tries to decimate the reality of the original is enough for me to wish it didn't come into existence.

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