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Well, the first day of Fall is tomorrow. How fast time files. Every day on the first day of the season, I make a new comic book. This summer was no different. I had made up some pages of a comic book, and then stopped for a little bit because I was ahead. So I fell behind. Earlier today, I made a few pages of it, scanned it, and put them all together to make a new issue of "Bill and George Quarterly."

For this issue I thought I'd try something different. Like the Monty Python's Flying Circus episode where the blancmanges want to win Wimbledon, I tried to make the whole issue about one subject and one story line. I got as far as page 12. So most of the issue is about Melvin the Cow. The rest is the best comic book filler ever made. At least I think so. But I drew it. So I'm partial to it.

Now I have to think up something to do for another issue of the comic book for this winter. So anyway, if you actually want to read my comic book, you can find it as well as the other 2017 issues here.
I have fun making these things. It's better to draw up comics than work on video games, but even drawing comics can be frustrating when you have no ideas for anything. I also print out the pdf issues I have. Funny thing, my computer wants me to use Edge to open .pdf files but when I try to, it freezes. So I switched it to make them open using Firefox. It works a lot better.


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MS paint, I presume? It has a good storyline, but the drawings... well, look like they came from MS-PAINT, so...

-TI Comments depot, My thoughts on your thoughts on everthing.

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