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Wow. I have that many, huh?



So I decided to count my Game Boy game collection. It's in a medium sized plastic bin, about a foot long and 6 inches wide, enough for 8 little piles of Game Boy games (and room for my Odyssey 2 manuals.) I made a list of all the ones I have. Turns out I have 81 Game Boy games, not including the Everdrive and Game Genie. That's almost as many Game Gear games I have. I have 115 Game Gear games. But my Game Gear game collecting days are pretty much over since I have just about every game I could want on that console.

Add another 81 Intellivision games, and about 70 Dreamcast games, and that's about 350 games, and that's not even half of the consoles I have. If I were to die soon, my sister and family probably would have a very hard time trying to get rid of them if they just didn't dump them all off at Game Crazy. I have enough games I think I could open my own Game Crazy store. So even though I have an Everdrive, I will keep on collecting since I don't want to go to the trouble of getting all the ROMS and have my computer infected with malware and stupid dumb popup ads.

And this makes me want to work on Frank the Fruit Fly some more. Too bad I have no new ideas for that game. So anyway, if you have a whole bunch of dirt common Game Boy games, give me a PM. I'm collecting shells in case I ever find someone who can put FtFF on a cartridge for me if I ever get around to finishing it. It's going to be bigger than 32k, so I may be out of luck. So far I have one empty Game Boy cartridge. Good thing Game Boy games are still unexpensive, well, most of them anyway.


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