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Game Boy games #82-85



Lots of games came in the mail today. 2 intellivision games and 4 Game Boy games. Now my GB collection has grown to 85 games. I got All-Star Baseball '99, Space Invaders, Wario Land and Bart and the Beanstalk in the mail. About that last game. I kept seeing it on eBay for ginormous amounts of money. So when I saw it at a Buy It Now price of $18, I got it. Paid a little too much for it, but it's in pristine condition, super fast shipping, and works great. It will go great with the other rare games I have: Felix the Cat and Fish Dude.

This makes me want to work on Frank the Fruit Fly some more, but I have no ideas on what to do next. I have however been working on a secret 2600 game I am not ready to reveal yet. I hope to reveal it sometime early next year. All-Star Baseball '99 I got because I like late releases of consoles. It was one of the last original Game Boy games in a gray cartridge. So now I have tons of Game Boy games, but I crave more. And more and more. But also at the same time, I figure what I should be doing is playing the ones I already have.


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