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Spider web.



So I was working on Frank the Fruit Fly again last night. I put in a screen that has a spider web maze in it. If you touch the web, you need to press A to get yourself out of it. Frank will move left until he's not touching the web any more. A seemingly simple concept took a few hours. I discovered I had a typing error. At first I thought the temporary files folder was full, so I cleaned it out. When that didn't work, I restarted the computer. That didn't work, and then I realized it. So anyway, I was up until about 3 a.m. working on this. Woke up at noon.

Part of the problem was determining how to do collision detection on a console that doesn't have a built-in collision detector. I decided to go a hard route and do each wall individually. There are 10 walls. I couldn't think of another way to do it. So there are 10 different if statements for each of the 10 walls. Fortunately there isn't much else on the screen to do, but I have this huge switch statement for each of the 11 screens. It is huge, but the important thing is: it works.



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