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1 Day till launch - There are reviews of Bubsy and... not bad!




There are those that got a copy of the game a bit early. Happens. :D

And they are impressed and enjoying the game.

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It's funny because back in the day, I'd read video game magazines, and occasionally I might even take a review to heart...But at least all I had to go on was a picture of the game screen not a full video of it in action...


Now, maybe this is just me,... but I don't want them ruining my first time (experience) seeing it in action. And while, in this case, I'm glad to see Bubsy get some good press...My modern day rule of thumb is...If you like something, or want to like something, Don't read any reviews!



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Well well, it looks like they have a darn good Bubsy game with The Woolies Strike Back. Here's hoping they will eventually have a Mac version for it so I can play it. Seeing the climbable walls reminded me of similar walls in that Scratchnapped game featuring Bubsy and which was highlighted a few months ago where that game had something similar. Makes me wonder which game inspired the idea for the other. Same with the breakable blocks. I noticed some additional moves Bubsy can make in the new game beyond the jumping and gliding, like the double (air) jump, and the... I guess I'd call it power pounce. It looks like they have indeed made the game a challenge without being overly difficult. I think I also noticed some woolies that had been pounced on in one area, when he came back to that area, the woolies were back as if they had never been taken out in the first place. Maybe that's by design to make it possible to execute jump and pounce combos on a second try if the player doesn't pull it off on the first try. At any rate, I certainly look forward to whenever the game comes to my system.

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