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My Collection - Part Four



It's funny, I've never gone out of my way to buy boxed and especially BNIB items. Yet I've accumulated quite a few boxes. That takes a couple of bins in storage downstairs.

A few months ago I bought about 25 boxed games in a fairly good deal from a local retro store here in Toronto. They gave me about half-price from the individual cost and a lot cheaper than what I usually see on eBay especially for sealed items. It was a spur of a moment thing and have to admit, the thrill of owning them is pretty cool. I don't think I ever had that many new boxes of anything at one time. I haven't opened a single one, although I have been tempted!

In the Atari BNIB grouping, the stand-out titles are Motorodeo, Xenophobe and Ikari Warriors. Bought them all from eBay. Not 100% sure, but one of them may be a PAL edition. The copy of Jinks for the 7800 was placed there with the 2600 games by mistake; got it with my modded 7800 from Best Electronics. I was looking at getting Klax at some point, but after never seeing a good deal on eBay for months, I just gave up on that.

I seem to have boxed copy of Defender II and Stargate. A couple of variations of the Moon Patrol game. Many of them have the Zellers price sticker on them.

One of the few games I looked for in a box was Realsports Soccer, always wanted to have the boxed version but haven't been able to find brand new. Paid a few bucks extra on eBay just to pick it up. The opened copy of Donkey Kong I found at a local pawn shop.

I also have a bunch of non-Atari boxed games , majority bought at the same time with the batch of 25 games. I'm glad I got the entire Epyx series, although I also have a couple of duplicates (although opened). BMX Airmaster I got off someone on eBay. My favourite here is the Decathlon box. Wished I had bought a 2nd copy for me to open ...

On the 7800 front, I have a couple of boxed copies of Ballblazer (one BNIB). I think both of them were unopened, but since I wanted to try Ballblazer to the hear its sound, so I opened the more banged-up copy. I do have a POKEY chip from Best just in case one day a multicart comes out that needs it so I wont sacrifice a cart (BB prices are now through the roof!).

Ninja Golf was probably one of the last games I bought on eBay almost a year ago. Considering the going prices at the time, I felt it was reasonably priced.

The last game I bought? The 7800 multicart #2.

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