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My Collection - Part Five



I can't say I have a very extensive 7800 collection. These are the loose carts that I own. That's probably true for most folks since it's library is a lot smaller than the 2600.

I've come into the 7800 market only in the last 2 or 3 years, after I bought a 7800 console from Best Electronics. The reason was for me to get was to get something with a working AV mod since my attempts on an Atari Jr were poor. In fact, the only Atari consoles I own now are two 7800s.

I ended up buying a couple of common lots off eBay which got the ball rolling. I had a harder time finding Commando, Double Dragon and Mario Bros. It took me over a year of watching Craiglist, Kijiji and eBay to come across a good copy of Summer Games. I think that was the hardest one of them all to get and I think I got it at a reasonable price.

I had a lot of duplicates but ended up selling the lot on eBay for a reasonable price (better than the offers I got from a couple of stores and via Kijiji). I think they were all common titles, with the exception of Mario Bros.
Many of these I haven't really played much. Xenophobe, Matmania and Rampage were tricky to find as well. There were a bunch that I wanted to get like Kung Fu Master, Mean 18, or Scrapyard Dog, but I will probably never get them now since prices are way too high. I bought a boxed Ninja Golf, but if I had the multicart before that I would never have bothered.

Typically the games I play are Xevious, Commando, Karateka, and Ninja Golf. Except for Donkey Kong, the adaptations of the titles released on the 2600 (Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, etc) never really captured my attention. I can't believe that Atari did Asteroids for the 7800. In 86 (or even 84), the world had moved on ...

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Just last year I got some of the more pricey games from evilpay and I am glad I did, the prices are going insane. I got all the homebrews through the years before even getting anything else.

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