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So I revisited the Oranges game I made for the Odyssey 2 and made a few changes to it. This inspired me to want to work on a new Odyssey 2 game. There's just one problem: No ideas. I guess that's the problem when you've done so many Odyssey 2 games you could vomit. I have 8 published games, from various publishers. I guess Oranges is a glorified version of my first game Fatso, an attempt to make a version of Fast Food back when I was still trying to get a hang of Odyssey 2 programming.

But now I've been working on My History Teacher Ate Lemons for a few days. I have been trying to make it better but I broke it so I'm back to version 12a. And I don't want to continue any previous projects I've done. Cat vs. Rat was good, but I can't put in enough puzzles, plus it's hard to make puzzles for it, and Lowercase I is too much like MHTAL. So I need a new project. After Aaron the Aant and Oranges, I'd like to go back to trying to port already released games to the Odyssey 2 with my spin and take on it.

So what would you like to see on the Odyssey 2?



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I'm not updated on how the entire library looks like, and it seems homebrews are just as scattered if not more than for other formats so not entirely easy to keep track of who has done which game. Something that utilizes the keyboard perhaps, though I don't know exactly how. Strategy, management game?


A clone of the Taito game Flipull probably would be quite doable on the Odyssey^2 as it even was ported for the Tandy MC-10 with fairly good results.


I've previously mentioned the MSX HAL game Butamaru Pants, which may share some game mechanics with your both games Chief Chef and Aaron the Aant.


Possibly you could port the BBC/Electron exclusive game Bird Strike, if you want a shooter with some twists.



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