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The colors of Oranges




The guy who i tried to get to publish my Game Boy game said I needed to go back and start a new game from scratch with a better idea. Well, that is a problem because I don't have one. At least one I can fit into 32k. So I decided to go back to work on Oranges, even though it will probably never make it to a cartridge release. So I decided to update the colors of the Orange-O-Matic screen. I had come up with one but the score was printed on a white background and the rest was on a light gray. So I reversed the light gray to white and white to light gray and then updated the palette. It looks a little dark on my GBC where I tested it on.

I went to the used video game store. Slim pickings for Game Boy games. I got a Switch game. Haven't tried it yet. There were 2 copies of Doom for Switch. It must not be very good. So anyway, work continues on Oranges. This is what it looks like now:
I guess I could do a Tempest-like game. I guess people don't really like games with fruit in them. Which is odd because Pac-Man and Wonder Boy have a whole bunch of it and people seemed to like them. I guess people would rather shoot alien UFOs. What do you think?


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Any homebrew game publisher worth their salt should be able to guide you what kind of game they will want to release and sell. Now if you're unable to implement such games is another matter, but if they have no suggestions what works, you can implement a dozen different games and none matching the desired type of games.

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