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@#$# You, Reef Store Dream! @#$# You!



Those Reef Store dreams are just getting spiteful now. And hilarious.

Last night I had that familiar dream, where I'm in a thrift store and suddenly I spy something familiar: Atari 8-bit graphics on a TV! In the dream I recognized the game as Choplifter, but looking back now I think it was actually Super Cobra. Anyway, I wander over to the TV and sure enough, on the shelf below there are twi Atari Flashbacks and something I recognize as an Atari 5200 modded to look like a giant Atari 2600!

That's when it hit me. I'm dreaming.

Fully aware of what's going on, I round the corner and found a shelf full of games and accessories, including wireless Atari paddles! They looked like they were built the same way as the first generation of Atari joysticks, thick bases and all. Still aware that I'm dreaming, I roll my eyes and walk past. I round another corner, and on the floor are a couple of '80s-era music keyboards, tickling another interest of mine. That's when I say to myself, "I know I'm dreaming, so I may as well stop looking." I turn to leave the store.

On the way out, I see all kinds of stuff I hadn't noticed before. Shelves of cartridges. Two Atari 2600s with blue shells. A friggin' huge pallet of games by the door. And outside the store, yet another box of Atari cartridges, next to a box of what looks like Nintendo Switch games. I huff and get in my car. And just to ensure the dream is in fact absolutely ridiculous, I notice several vehicle-sized Atari 2600s in the parking lot.

It's like, the moment I realized I was going to wake up disappointed, my brain shifted to Ludicrous Speed and decided to show as much as it could of fun stuff I wouldn't get to own. If it was supposed to be funny, well, it was. But just the same... @#$# you, Reef Store dream!!

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