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Star Wars: The Last Jedi -- Addressing the Backlash

Rhindle the Dragon






I wanted to use this entry to state my opinion on The Last Jedi and the recent backlash. I want it to be known that:


1. I am a huge Star Wars fan

2. I, too, dislike what Disney is doing to Star Wars

3. But I LIKED The Force Awakens

4. And I LIKE the prequels

5. And I LIKED this movie.


People should stop romanticizing Star Wars so much that nothing new is allowed to be tried. Star Wars has never been a masterpiece (except for maybe Empire Strikes Back) and should not be held to such high standards. It has always had glaring flaws in either writing, directing, or acting, but we love it just the same. Why? Because it's space samurai fighting with laser swords! It's awesome!


I believe that people will grow to like this movie. The Last Jedi has not killed Star Wars -- if anything, The Phantom Menace did that. Episode VIII was competently directed, visually beautiful, and emotionally resonant, even if it had some questionable writing and awkward scenes. There were many good moments, like the flashbacks with Luke and Ben Solo, and the quiet parts where the director let John Williams' brilliant score shine through.


I hate what Disney is doing to Star Wars in that the movies (and other media) are starting to feel more like an industry than an art. That's OK -- Disney is under investigation for monopoly and things might get better in the future. At least, I hope they will.


Whatever your opinion is, just remember to take it easy, and have a happy new year.

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I agree. Seems that people like to bag on things new and to me that is counterproductive. You want more of something, you encourage it. Or just hold on to the past, which will in time fade into memory and no longer be current.


I liked the new movie. It was fun. Liked the ending and how that was handled. Great stuff.

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Yes. The box office return alone should tell you how many people have gone to see it. They can complain all they want, but they've still given the studio their money and more will be made.

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I believe I feel the same way! At first I was confused by 1 or 2 directions of TLJ, but I've already mentally accepted that THIS is the storyline now. The film was a great watching experience both times and I'll buy it.


If it had gone a more fan traditional path, if Rey was Luke's daughter anf Luke physically showed up and did age defying backflips and cut down Kylo Ren ... i think that kind of stuff might have made the film more dull longterm.

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