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Resolutions for 2018?




How about 800x600? HAHAHAHAHA


No, but seriously. I will refrain from elaborating on my principle and philosophic aversion to New Year Resolutions (which nearly got me into trouble in third grade,) instead I want to make a short plan for 2018.


First part of my plan is to finally buckle down on my conversion of Arkanoid for the TI-99/4A. I have put a ton of work into the assets so not finishing the game will be a disastrous waste and let-down.


Secondly, I started on a project last year to produce a clone of the ForTI sound card which will connect to @jedimatt42's 32k clone. I have been working on specs for yet another sound player which will support such a card and including the mechanisms of instruments and patterns, which has also bred a simpler sound player for the same. This entails a couple of things: I need to learn a PCB layout program and write the two sound players to support the card. One player builds on the other so this constitutes a single part rather than two parts.


Third, I have been working on assets for several other game conversions. In short: Demon Attack (based upon the 2600 version,) Gauntlet, and Ballblazer. I would like to actually execute the conversions but I am not confident I will have the time to do so. Ballblazer is something I have always wanted on the TI and the foundation exists thanks to @Asmusr; this will be an in-depth project for me but also fun as I have been studying the algorithmic process of creating the theme.


While Gauntlet has been intimated and effectively claimed by another in the TI forum, this is also a game I have always wanted on the TI and would like to try my hand at. If it looks like I will not be on the road to started these games by 2019 I will release the assets I have built to that point -- sound, graphics, and whatever programming.


Irrespective of the progression of the games themselves I will likely continue posting up my music in blog posts as I have been doing.


Meanwhile I have been working on my sound_list.rexx script and expanding it to manipulate and perform conversions between ISR sound lists, PSG VGMs, and my special ForTI format. Once I adapt the script to manage stereo VGMs the simple four-chip ForTI clone format will be easier. The VGM output is working well and I am currently working on procedures for merging and optimizing lists and producing SIDdump-like outputs. In terms of creating, I have been looking at Deflemask, a multi-format tracker which includes PSG, as a replacement for my laborious use of Rasmus' SoundListRipper. Being that Rexx is a bit esoteric in the home computer arena outside of the Amiga world I have been tossing around the idea of converting to Perl, but that is way down on the priority list.

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