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Game Cubes



All was well in Floatingredcubeland. That is, until the green floating cubes invaded. As the border guard of Floatingredcubeland, your job is to stop the floating green cubes from coming into the country. This is the setup for a new game I want to make for the Channel F. I spent all night programming this thing and didn't get very far. All I have is a floating cube that you can move up and down. A little tune plays at the start of the game.

I don't have a name for this game yet. I was thinking about Star Cube, but they're not really in space, just floating above the ground. A few weeks ago, I was working on a demo of a spaceship. I used the code for this new game. And since I couldn't get any detailed object, I decided on red and green boxes. I was struggling to get things going when I realized for some reason lisu 5 was not working for some reason. So I changed it to 2. Voila.

So anyway, the game will be sort of like Oranges, only instead of dodging them, you shoot at them. When I think of a name for this, I'll post a binary of what I have come up with. But for now, here's a screenshot.



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