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Dr. No




I have to go see the doctor tomorrow. And get a stupid blood test. I don't know why I have to do it every year since every single one turns out fine. I'm never going to die of some stupid blood disease since I don't want one. Five million years later I'll be sitting in this chair typing away blog entries. Although I doubt AtariAge will be around 5 million years from now. But I will be.

Got Videocart #4 in the mail today. Was really fast. I ordered it Saturday and it went clear across the country in 2 days. Amazing that USPS can be fast when it wants to be. It's Spitfire Attack. It's like Combat but with airplanes. And there's a 1 player vs. computer option, something that the 2600 Combat doesn't have.

I know it's just a blood test, but it's hard when you have no veins in your arms. They have to take blood out of my hand, and even then it's hard. It usually takes a couple tries before they get blood out of me. I am a blood test nurse's nightmare. I am...the VEINLESS MAN. Wooooo.



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I agree - my cholesterol levels were perfectly fine last time and blood sugar was around 80-85. No need for another blood test.

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