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Sneak 'N Peek (Vidtec/U.S. Games)




Why was this game made? I have no idea... but I do know that Sneak 'n Peek from Vidtec/ U.S. Games, is one of the worst games for the system. I mean... Hide and go seek on the 2600? This kind of formula wouldn't even work today. I'm gonna keep this one short, because this game just makes me mad.


Graphics... Now this is what makes me angry! Why does this game have some of the best visuals on the system?!? The opening screen is a large well brawn house with smoke smoothly rising from the chimney, a mysterious walks to the front door, opens it, turns on the lights, and the game begins. There are several rooms in the house, and you know what... they look like bedrooms, there is a large multicolored bed and a closet door in every room. You can even leave the house and walk around outside. But here's the problem... everything looks the same! And hiding places are not marked very well, since there are only two items of furniture in the house. So the game looks good but it still has an air of laziness to it.


Mute button please! There are off-key nurserey rhyme tunes playing constantly in the background. If the gameplay doesn't make you turn off the game, the music surely will.


This game doesn't really have any gameplay. This game is hide and seek, you hide while player two tries to find you, but here's the thing, player two has to physically leave the room while you hide the little dude on screen. Any game that makes you leave the room get an automatic thumbs down in my book. And this game barely has any hiding places, behind the couch, in the closets, behind the beds, and behind the house. There are about eight hiding places in the whole game. I found a weird but though where in the opening room I hid in thin air, became invisible, and was therefore unfindable, the spot is the the immediate right of the far right window, the seeker cannot find you. This game is shit!!


DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!! THIS GAME IS GARBAGE!!! This is the bottom of the barrel of video games and it should not have been made! I hate this game! Why do I own it!?!


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