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Fire Fly (Mythicon)





Alright! I'm reaching for some low hanging fruit today. Fire Fly from Mythicon, oh boy what a glorious mess of a game. This has got to be one of the most hated games on the 2600, and is without a doubt one of the worst.This game has been drawn and quartered, beheaded, and burned at the stake, in a figurative sense at least, by the retro gaming community at large. But is this game's persecution warranted? Or, perhaps, is this game a misunderstood masterpiece, that transcends all known standards of quality, gameplay, and playability. Perhaps this is one of the greatest games on the Atari 2600, so here's a good honest look at Fire Fly by Mythicon... One of the best and greatest publishers for the system, it's truly a pity that they stopped at only three games, if reception had only been better, I'm sure they could have revitalized the dying videogame market in 1983 and catapulted the aging 2600 hardware to glory beyond any mortal plane. Let's start with the magnificent graphics.


This game takes stylized to a whole new level, one could even say abstract, it's art at it's most raw form. The twisted grotesqueness of the player and enemy sprites are indicative of a decaying era, unwilling to change from it's slovenly and lazy habits never changing despite the social outcry. The background is a solid black which will lull the player into a false sense of security so the abstract forms may then shatter it, leaving you, the player, scarred and screaming for help. Do not let the crushing void scare you, the simple fact that you are playing this game means you are beyond feasible recovery. In this digital psychological journey you will face the evil flaming pumpkin, some bugs, some bats, flaming balls of gas, some sneaky springy snakes, and a bee. All of these enemies are brought to life through state-of-the-art rendering techniques which truly bring out the passion and soul behind the designs.


The music? OH such glorious torment! This game's music is a perfect example of intentional awfulness. The way it seeps into your head and begins burrowing into your ear is delightfully sinister. It clouds your mind and brainwashes you into playing more, persuading you to play more if only to make the music end. The way the music seems to interrupt itself is also incredibly forward thinking, resembling very much modern musical tastes, it's so very eclectic. I love it so very much.


The gameplay? Oh! Smoother than butter, and ten times more fun to play with. It's so simple it could almost be criminal... You fly to the right... and shoot things... that's it! I can only wish that they would make more games like this. The gameplay on it's own isn't too much to look at... It's kinda like a Ritz cracker with no toppings, but you add the music, and the beautiful stylized visuals and now you have a full blown Ritz cracker sandwich and hoo boy it's delicious. All the enemies act vaguely differently, keeping things incredibly fresh throughout the game, it's totally not like I'm fighting the same enemies throughout the game. Get this... This game actually starts you out in the tutorial mode, yeah! infinite lives for the win baby! You actually have to go to game number two to get the real game, whenever you kill an enemy they drop treasure (Which actually look pretty good so I'm gonna spare them in this review), when you collect the treasure you get points. Once you reach a certain number of points an new enemy will be released, which means you get a whole new screen to play on, isn't that great? There is also a BEE guarding a pixie but I wouldn't bother trying to save the pixie since the BEE took some speed and is now flipping out and is impossible to get by. Simple and repetitive.. Just like I like it.


This is the best game on the 2600, what can I say? The sinister greedy overtones make this game so much more pleasurable to play. Everybody needs to own a copy of Firefly. Everybody needs to buy a new unopened box just so they can have the satisfaction of owning this pure, beautiful title in an unblemished state, untainted by the inferior games that cloud the system's library like carrion mobbing fresh roadkill. Mythicon didn't kill the 2600... Mythicon saved the 2600, and they deserve to be thanked for it, so everybody repeat after me "Thank you Mythicon"...s.d.f.sdflaszjfzfgxd fgzdflkvzlkxcvk;kdmff.x. mxc xkf;blk z;ldf zlmf'bzmdfgospeu950tdfb sj;zk dgb';ndfb'lkzn ' fdkjlmddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Who the hell was that? And what were they doing with my laptop? Oh they wrote a review for me? Oh well... I'll post it if anything the readers will think it's satire..



I recently got this game in the box, and have decided to include some high quality scans of the box and manual... you really need to read this stuff, it's comedy gold.

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