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AtariAdventure 2600 Review #1: Combat




Hello everyone, and welcome to my 2600 Reviews blog! On here I will review through my current collection of 2600 cartridges and when my collection continues to extend. I will also gladly take requests for games to review, if I have the game in my collection. Let's get this started!



Combat was released on the same day as the Atari 2600 on September 11th, 1977. It would be the pack in game for the 2600 from 1977 to 1982, the golden years of the console. Combat was included with the console, along with an AC adapter, TV box to plug the system into your television, two joysticks, and a pair of paddle controllers. Eight addtional games were available at launch, but sold separately.


Combat boasted of having 27 games in one cartridge, but they were variants of the Tank, Biplane, and Jet game modes.


The main objective in all game modes is to shoot the other player more times than the other player can shoot you before the time runs out. (The game was two player only.)


The first and most iconic mode is the Tanks. Using the Game Mode switch, you can switch between straight missiles, guided missiles, Tank Pong, in which the missiles you fire are deflected off the walls, and Invisible Tanks, in which your tank is only seen if you fire a missile.


The second mode is the Biplanes. This time there are no walls, you only come out on the side parallel to the side you exited the screen on. This time, you can decide between straight missiles, guided missiles, and machine guns. You also have the option of a one on one, two on two tandem, or a three Biplane tandem against one giant Bomber that equals the size of the three Biplane tandem. Instead of the maze with the Tanks, you had the option for two clouds you can fly behind to hide yourself from your oppenent.


The third and final mode are the Jets. This mode is very identical to the Biplanes, with the same map being used as the Biplanes. You could decide between straight missiles or guided missiles, the same map options as the Biplanes mode, and the option of a one on one, two on two, and a three on three dogfight.




I really love the Tanks and Biplane game modes. Tank Pong and Invisible Tanks are the most entertaining along with the Bomber vs. Three Biplanes. Only if your the three Biplanes. (LOL!)


Only complaints I have is there is no single player mode, as this game is two player only. The Bomber is one large target and only fires one giant straight missile while the three Biplanes each fire their own missile, which you almost can't avoid as a bomber. (Bullshit and Unfair!!! But fun if you are the Biplanes.) The Jet mode is almost an exact clone as the Biplanes mode excluding the Bomber matchup, and is pretty boring.


Overall Grade: B-


Final Thoughts:


Combat was a solid launch title and helped get the system off the ground, along with getting consumers to buy the other games. This game is lacking a single player mode, leading the game to be super boring without a second player. But, with the second player this game is fun and entertaining with the Tanks and Biplanes, but boring with the Jets. This game reminds me of Tank Trouble, without the powerups. The Tank battles and different game modes, along with the dogfights with the Biplanes are also fun and oddly intense, with you trying to avoid your potentially competitive friend or family member. Overall this is a fun and intense game for two players, but very boring for the single player.


Tell me the next game you want to see in the comments below, and I will also gladly take other's opinions on the game I reviewed.


Happy gaming! :)

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Most of the games from 1977-1980 are boring.


You always need two players to play games.

There're always time limit or the first who gets the score limit wins the game.


Atari 2600 started being interesting with Space Invaders. Or Adventure,

when you can play for more five minutes without need 2sd player.

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