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Thoughts on Amanda Ripley



finally got One Shot. now i just need the rest of the ID tags and that's it. I think the credits music is appropriate, but should be the title theme. This game is Phenomenal, a true work of art! honestly, the more i play, the more i become engrossed. From graphics to sound, to little niche things like the PET being used as a terminal, to the particle effects in space are nothing short of amazing. It's a shame that CA has disbanded because we need a sequel to this game Pronto.

It took me this long to see it.

When you think of it, the Crisis of Sevastopol boils down to Chaos Theory. No one knew about the Alien on board and the Marshals kept a lid on it, even as more people began to die. You never see them, but you hear about children, some as young as three, being caught in the middle of the chaos. I guess Sinclair was right, They did fuck up. They fucked up so bad that it got Samuels killed as well as taylor, people who did not deserve it, People that were still alive when the station caught fire, clutching their wives and sons, begging to god for help.

I have to say this: I am overly Critical of Ripley for a damned good reason. She boards the station, and despite various red flags and an appearance by the Xenomorph, Still heads further into the station. This causes the deaths of Taylor,Samuels, Ricardo, Waits and even the people you helped in mission 10.
And yet, she never decides to leave, never figures "I think we should head back and inform the marines" or even considers hauling ass. She may be a good protagonist, but she is an AWFUL judge of Character. i am not saying that she is not well developed, but she is somewhat dim and as a result, not very bright (Heading into the nest and nearly dying for example) and saves no one except herself.

Great game, Great Atmosphere, but i Hate Amanda for being a naive idiot


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