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Fisrt Post!



Never had a blog before, and probably never will again, but I thought it may be useful to type short entries of what I'm working on as a blog rather than abusing the "Status Update" feature. I intend to write brief updates on the progress of my projects -- both retro-game-related and not. I don't expect anybody to read this, so this blog is mostly for me: talking to myself keeps me sane, and helps me focus. I know that sounds sort of stupid, but it works for me.

First of all I should state upfront that I am a world-class procrastinator. Seriously, it's like my super-power. I present this blog as the purest form of evidence to that statement: I have just created a brand new blog, and I am writing this post right at this very moment, in a subliminal attempt to avoid working on my projects.

That's how I get things done. I always wanted to write a blog, but never got around to it. There's absolutely no better motivation for a procrastinator than starting up another project and giving it more importance -- then suddenly, boom! I have a blog. Yes, it's weird and more than a bit silly, but it works. The trick is to be stupid enough to fall for your own deception. (Ab)using this technique (which apparently is called "structured procrastination," look it up) has led me to complete many of my accomplishments, which aren't really many. I did learn Assembly Language and made an Intellivision game, so there's that.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned my super-powers of procrastination is two-fold: First, because it's true. It feels right and cathartic to say it. Second, as a warning to anybody crazy enough to follow this blog: don't expect many entries. It only takes a slight elevation in priority for this blog to be utterly abandoned. Such is the procrastinator's way.

So... what am I working on right now? Well, I have currently five active projects going, in various stages of development. I intend to post entries on any of them as I make progress (or not, as per the previous paragraph, don't count on it).

  • P-Machinery 2.0 Advanced Game Engine (P-MAGE) - A comprehensive and optimized game engine and development framework for Intellivision games, built up from scratch to be fast, efficient, and easy to use. It's about 80% done (it's always about 80%, and has been for the past five years), and hopefully will see a release next year.
  • <REDACTED> - My next Intellivision game, which I will keep unnamed for the time being. It's actually just in the technical design stage at the moment, waiting for P-Machinery AGE to reach 85% maturity so that I can start coding it simultaneously. The story and game-play mechanics are all defined and documented, and it plays really well in my head.
  • CvW 2014 Special Edition - Yes, it's been several years, but I have yet to deliver the custom-made Christmas Carol Special Edition to the winner of the 2014 CvW championship. The good news is that the game is complete and thoroughly tested by myself and a secret beta-tester elf who will remain anonymous. I am just waiting on manufacturing to deliver it on cartridge. Many problems in my life during the past few years conspired to delay this project gravely. It will happen this year, that's my promise.
  • CvW 2015 Arcade Marquee - Another casualty of the same family and personal problems that affected the previous project. The actual custom marquee is finally completed and in my hands. I am now waiting for my carpenter to finish building the light-box to mount it on. The design was made by a graphic artist and it is fabulous! I can't wait for the owner to receive it.
  • Christmas Carol Children's Book - The Christmas Carol game for Intellivision came to life through a very strange and convoluted set of circumstances. One other consequence of those strange circumstances was that its story formulated in my head as a whimsical world of Christmas adventures. Although hard to pick apart from 8-bit animated graphics, the cut-scenes and most of the level progression in the game -- all the way to the boss level and saving Christmas -- attempted to depict a story arc that had popped into my head as I was developing the game. I always intended to write it all down as a children's book, but never got around to, until now.

So that's it for this first post, so much for brief entries. Phew! I do feel better now. Well, that's enough distraction for now; I should go back to work on one of those projects.

See ya'!


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Your first troll comment: You spelled first wrong in the title. ;)

I'm getting pretty bad at procrastination too and I tend to leave thing til the last minute. This is why I don't go to school due to the stress getting your papers done. I do like to take my time on projects and not get stressed out getting it done.

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The title is a joke throwing back to my Slashdot days, where trolls would jump over each other to be the first one to post, usually with a typo on the heading. :)


Yeah, procrastination is not fun. On the other hand, I am one of the most productive and workaholic persons I know, specifically because I tend to do all sorts of things -- including actual work -- in an effort to avoid precisely the one thing I need to do at that moment.



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I believe nearly all games play well in your head. It is when you try to convert them into code the problems arise. :)


Hehehe, yeah that's true. We shall see how it comes out and how it is received. I think it'll be good. :)



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