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HSC Season 8 Week 1: Dragonfire



And so begins my first ever blog, and what better subject to start on than HSC Season 8!
For you not in the know, season 8 of the AtariAge HSC started today (Friday 5th October) and this will be my little corner of the web to document my journey through it.


My Mission for HSCS8 is thus:

1) To play in EVERY round – this is easyer said than done for two reasons, first, Im moving house in two weeks, and second, I only started collecting Atari again after a decaded long break so my cart collection is minimul to say the least. Yes, I can (and will) play some games on Stella, but im still waiting on my USB-CX40 interface and playing on a keyboard is shocking!

2) To play on original hardware for each round – Obviously if super rare games start cropping up this wont be an option, likewise, when it comes to homebrews, the logistics of buying the carts in time for the torniment will make it impossible. As someone coming back into the hobby after a long break with a very small collection I think this will give me some incentive and direction into building up my collection again. Can I source the games intime though!!!!! We will see!

3) To have fun – And that IS the name of the game, to enjoy a bit of friendly competition with like minded folk...I really cant wait to get started!

…...and I wont wait……

So….. Game No 1: Dragonfire by IMACIC

I do not own it….. tried playing on keyboard….. no hope!

Five Minuted on ebay came up with a few options but for the sake of a couple of pounds (Yes… Im from England) I have bought a boxed copy for £12….. heres hoping it arrives in time!


I’ll check in again soon, hopefully with a score!

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Best of luck playing every round! I tried that last year and didn't make it. I just couldn't find the time each week to put a decent effort in. I dropped from being in the top ten (I was surprised I got up that far), all the way out of making the playoff brackets. But it was still fun. I have a Harmony cart (highly recommended) so I was able to play even games I don't own on original hardware.


I'm going to try to make each round again this year - even if it's just for participation points. Fortunately, I already own Dragonfire. :)

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