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My Random process for choosing a Super NT Console



Hi all!

This may end up being a boring read, but I thought I'd document my Super NT purchase in a Blog. Just a one off... Mainly because I'm going to pick the color at random.

First, I've wanted an Analogue Super NT since they were first announced. SNES in HD here I come!

For what it's worth (FWIW), when I could afford one, at first they were still in "Pre-Order" mode...Then they only had black. Then they appeared to be out of stock at one point when I had money so I bought a RetroN 77 instead, Which may have been a mistake...But That's another story.

Now the MEGA SG (A sort of HD SEGA Genesis FPGA Console) will be coming out and I HAVE To HAVE one of Those too!!! Damn you Analogue! But, the MEGA SG is in "Pre-Order" mode now and will be coming out in April 2019, so I have time to save for that separately and get this (SUPER NT) NOW.

Back when I was in college I bought a SNES in January of 1992 and then later bought a Sega Genesis, also in 1992, and that also marked the first time I bought a console that was Not the latest thing. I've Loved both ever since. I had an MGH (or Multi Game Hunter :ahoy:) that worked for BOTH SNES and Genesis allowing me to put games on discs. I've also bought tons of games for each system. And now I have Everdrives too...Moving on.

I'm picking the color of the console AT RANDOM. I thought it would make an interesting purchase and I'd document it here. Even if just a couple of people read it or comment, I'll be happy. Otherwise it's just for me and that's cool too :)

They discontinued the transparent color (which I didn't want anyway) so there's 3 color choices: BLACK, CLASSIC, and SFC (SUPER FAMICOM).


So initially I wanted CLASSIC....Purple and gray, Just like my SNES. FWIW, I still have my SNES from '92 plus a couple more in case one breaks (Perish the thought!)...

Then when all they had available was BLACK, I set my sights on it...

Now, with all color choices available to order I've given new thought to SFC because nobody really thinks about it and they'll likely be more rare, I assume. Not that I'm not really worried about rarity or anything. If I were to guess, I'd think Black was the most common since it seemed the most widely available, but that could also imply they sold out of the Classic color scheme quickly because of its popularity...So perhaps Black and Classic are the most common while SFC would be less popular here I'd predict, but bigger in Japan (as everyone matches their nostalgia with a color scheme haha)...The Transparent (See-Through) one, Now discontinued would be the rare one for collectors, but it was easily my least favorite anyway.

And matching wireless controllers are available from 8BITDO for any color choice.

So...Here's my thoughts currently:

CLASSIC Matches my SNES and I've always liked that color scheme.

BLACK Matches my soul and my PS2, plus my Retro Duo is black,... and my Vader 2600, my Black Dreamcast... Also might look neato parked next to my MEGA SG, once I get one of those (It will be mainly black).

SFC Matches some SFC controllers I have and might be spiffy to be the oddball who goes for this choice, since I predict this one will be bigger in Japan.

Below is a pic of the matching controllers, but from what I've read I assume (but don't know for certain) all of their controllers will work with the Super NT if you have the Retro Receiver...I think you can also use these on the SNES/NES Classic if you have the Classic Receiver (So I'll get a couple of those too)...


OK SO now to trust in the RANDOM ENERGY of the Universe!

:skull::spidey: (Skulls and Spidey are pretty Random ...Hmm so is Jango Fett...maybe next time)

I do this often, for example, rolling dice to see which CD Comp I will listen to....Including randomly picking which spool of CDs, which disc and which song... :music:

I could just roll a die, but then the saga would end too quickly...

What I'm going to do is this: Collect points for each color choice based upon die rolls and then the winner will be the first Color to a certain amount of points.

I'll explain as I go...

First the Winner will need X Amount of points.

X will equal 3 dice rolled. I will Add them up.

(Rolling 3 standard 6 sided dice now)...

X = 2 + 1 + 4 = 7

The Winner needs 7 points!

OK Now for each die roll the following COLOR gets a point: (I'll list the colors alphabetically)


I'm making a Matrix below and will add one hashmark (Represented as "I") for each die roll until one color gets to 7 (For example, rolling a 2 would give CLASSIC a point. Does that make sense ? I hope so)

Here goes Nothing! :jango:

***At this point I roll the dice, and tally the points until one color reaches 7 points***


And after all is said and done CLASSIC is The WINNER!

There was a lot of back and forth that would not have been easy to put into a Blog (I didn't want to be too confusing), but before that final die roll, both Classic and SFC had 6 points...

I am now going to order a CLASSIC SUPER NT!!

And later on,... a Controller for the Super NT, A CollectorVision Phoenix, a MEGA SG ...And I should also keep saving to get out of debt haha...

Thanks for reading!


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P.S. Now I've also ordered 2 wireless 8BITDO controllers (CLASSIC color scheme), 2 SNES Classic receivers, and a couple Retro receivers for SNES so these will work with my SNES Classic, my Classic SUPER NT, or my Classic SNES for that matter!

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