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Bloody "Life Hacks"




I can be an asshole and sometimes a bit crotchety. It was a relief, therefore, to find that I am not the only one who finds the concept of "life hacks" cringe-worthy and often aggravating, if only for misusing the word "hack." You might come across some viral new "life hack" and think, "nothing special about that," since you or someone or some group of people you know have done this particularly amazing thing forever.


The latest one which grabbed me the wrong way was the whole "eating your hamburger upside-down" thing, since my dad taught me that for when working with sloppy burgers (like Sloppy Joes.)


What the heck, I thought. Maybe I should just post up one of my stupid things. Maybe it will go viral and I can earn another 30 seconds of my promised 15 minutes of fame.


Bachelor living life hack!


Most bachelors, and some beyond, will keep dishes in the kitchen sink for several days at a time. Rinsing dishes and even giving them a quick soapy splash will help knock off food and keep it all from getting too stinky. Even so, dishes left in the sink tend to collect dirty water and foster organic films of nastiness. Bowls especially like to collect fouled water which becomes smelly. I have even seen it turn a greenish color (still have not figured that one out.)


A simple solution to keeping bowls in the sink for a few days before washing is to rinse them well then set them in the sink upside-down. This allows water to drain completely and prevents the bowl from trapping more ick.


Of course, an arguably easier solution is to not allow dishes to collect in the sink. Often easier said than done.


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