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SF2 Champion Edition - NES



When SF2 arrived in the arcades NES was still very popular.
I remember my friends talking about how cool would be a NES version.

Then the pirates comes with so many SF2 clones, but they have some flaws.

I decided to make a concept proof demo, much like what I did on Simpsons Demo, to test some of my ideas about a SF2 game made by me.
This demo just shows a background (India) and random sprites crossing the screen.

But sadly it's not turned so good as the Simpsons one.

NES graphics and it's color palette can't do justice to this game. Comparison:

Top Left : SF2 by Yoko Soft - I played this game back then, the sprites are big for NES standards, but ugly and the gameplay is terrible. There are only 4 characters to choose. Background graphics are ok, sound is terrible.

Top Right : SF3 (unknow software) - This game is quite good, sprites are small but very colorful, but at a cost of flicker mess. The gameplay is ok and there are 9 characters to choose. They put a lot of effort making this one, but the background and music is not from SF2.

Bottom : My demo. Note this is a test, I don't put much effort making the graphics (they're ok to me). Sprites are similar to SF3 but I choose better the colors and tiles position, to avoid flicker.
I thinks the sprites is too small in my game. I can make them a bit bigger, Sagat is the one who took more tiles, 28 in total, I can't pass 32 tiles limit or it will flicker too much.


Download the demo below.

EDIT : New ROM with flicker management

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GameBoy actually is a bit better than NES for sprites rendering. It can hold 10 sprites in a row, NES only 8.

Do not seems much difference, but it improves a lot the overall sprites size you can draw without flickering.

But yeah, I like the GB version Capcom did.


I've posted a new version with flicker management code I just finished. It happens when more than 8 tiles is drawn in the same scanline.

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