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Fortnite versus PUBG



I've been feeling minor PUBG withdrawal since my son took his Samsung tablet to college as I'm unwilling to spend the $$ to buy my own tablet for a "free to play" game. Last night i broke down and installed Fortnite on my 27" iMac. I've played about a dozen games so far and noted the following differences:

  1. The big one is the whole building mechanic. It's hard! I'm not sure I have the free time to be more than a noob. I'm certainly not expecting to win any time soon.
  2. Unlike PUBG, it looks like it's going to take a lot of play time to expand beyond the default skin(s) (as I have no intention to spend $). It's also interesting that there is (apparently) no way to even select which default skin you play with. It definitely marks the difference between the payers and the freeloaders.
  3. Ammo seems to be less common in Fortnite than PUBG - in PUBG I never ran out of ammo while playing solo, but in Fortnite I don't seem to have enough.
  4. Weapon accuracy seems to be much lower in Fortnite, at least for ARs & SMGs; although I might get better with practice. This probably also increases how much ammo I'm using.
  5. Fortnite has a lot more weapons than PUBG, but no attachments. So scoped weapons are much rarer in Fortnite. And while higher level weapons typically do more damage, that's not always the case.
  6. Consumables like grenades and health packs take a carry slot in Fortnite, so whether to pick them up becomes a trade-off decision. Health packs also seem to be rarer in Fortnite.
  7. Maybe it's my level, but players seem to die a lot quicker in Fornite. Half of the field is eliminated before the first circle has completed.

Given my current abilities, I'm going to define "fun" in terms other than placement and winning. It is an amazingly diverse environment, so right now I'm just having fun exploring.

2018-11-23 I've put up a short video of me taking down a better player:

And a couple of complaints:
  1. The MacOS client crashes occasionally (although only in the lobby, not in game). I also takes a long while to start up. The logs I've seen have errors relating to my en_CA locale.
  2. Some lobby actions change the game mode from Solo to Squad. And because I have it configured for "No Match" (so I can go in the practice area by myself), I won't realize it until I get slaughtered by a squad.


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Kids are odd these days. I have thousands of games, but my daughters first played Minecraft for three years exclusively and now nothing but Fortnite...

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Kids are odd these days. I have thousands of games, but my daughters first played Minecraft for three years exclusively and now nothing but Fortnite...


Yeah, I know what you mean. My son (in college) still plays Minecraft - although mostly on one of the minigame or RPG sites rather than vanilla Minecraft.

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As much as I'd like to enjoy Fortnite, the fun just isn't there. I just don't see me getting good enough with the building mechanic to be able to have a chance against a decently skilled player. So while I can avoid conflict and sneak into the top ten, I'm basically dead once I'm spotted.


And it's not just muscle memory. After some training, my fingers can hit the right keys - now the big problem is my natural reaction to an engagement isn't building. And while I might be able to learn those patterns given enough playtime, the bigger issue is Fortnite just doesn't make me feel like PUBG. I don't get that suspense / tension excitement.


Other complaints:

1. As above, the longgg & buggy startup. When I want to play, I don't want to have to wait for 10 minutes for the game to maybe start correctly.

2. Even with headphones, I found it incredibly difficult to use sound to detect enemies - even when they are nearby. Part of the problem is there are ambient sounds (e.g. towers creak), but also the sounds you make (especially harvesting and building) are extremely loud. And for some reason I couldn't localize sounds like the crack of a rifle or a rift.

3. Automatic weapons are incredibly inaccurate at any significant distance. So even if I spot someone first (probably because I've seen them building), I can't engage unless I have a sniper rifle (which probably still won't hit due to slow projectiles and bullet drop).


So I'm back to trying to justify buying an iPad Air 2 to play PUBG....

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