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Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips

Random Terrain


Taming the White Arabian Horse the Easy Way

When you Google the best horse in RDR2, people say that the white Arabian horse is the best one and they'll tell you where it is and that you need to reach chapter 2 before riding to the spot. I was playing around in chapter 2 for a while before riding all the way there, but there was no horse in the area. I went back to camp, looking for a little mission that I didn't do yet and I remembered that I had been avoiding a hunting mission with Hosea since the last hunting mission I went on was boring.

I went with Hosea and finished the mission (got a horse brush while I was with him, so that was nice). I went back to the spot where the white horse is supposed to be and it was there this time. When I replayed the game, I went bear hunting with Hosea again and the white horse was where it was supposed to be, so I'm pretty sure that bear hunting with Hosea is a requirement.

I saved after finding the white horse and did what all of the best tips online said, but I couldn't tame the horse. After reloading and trying multiple times, I got bored and decided to shoot the horse with my revolver to see what would happen before reloading again. I shot the horse until it fell in the snow, walked up and was surprised to see that it was still breathing, so I used some Horse Reviver that I found along the way. The horse got up, but this time it was sluggish and easy to tame. If you're having as much trouble as I was, you might want to do the same thing. Just remember to save after finding the white horse before you shoot it in case it dies (and remember to have some Horse Reviver on you).

When I started a new game so I could get back to chapter 2, I tried shooting the white horse a few times with a Carbine Repeater rifle, but the horse died. I reloaded and shot the white horse multiple times with a Cattleman Revolver until the animal fell and this time it was still breathing, so it looks like you need to use a handgun or a weak rifle if you don't want to kill the white horse. I was able to break the horse again after getting thrown off about 4 times, but thanks to shooting and reviving the horse, it doesn't run away (just like last time). I can get right back on and break the horse in no time. I've done this twice now, so I didn't just get lucky the first time. It is repeatable. Simply shoot the white horse until it falls, revive it, then break the sluggish horse in a handful of tries without it running away.

Hold Start Button for Map

You don't have to bring up the menu to get to the map. Just hold the Start button.

Faster Auto Travel Using Cinematic Mode

I ended up figuring out most of it on my own, but similar to what it says in Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started 'Red Dead Redemption 2' at Forbes and other places, when far enough away from camp, move your horse or wagon onto a path or road facing the red or yellow waypoint line (in the direction you need to go) then hold down the big rectangular touchpad in the middle of your PS4 controller, wait until the little cinematic mode circle fills in and kicks you into cinematic mode, tap the X button multiple times until you are going as fast as possible, then sit back and enjoy the fast ride on autopilot. Speaking of cinematic mode, you can press R3 (the right analog thumbstick) to change camera angles.

Unlike what some people say, it also works when you are riding with somebody on a mission (even when there is no waypoint line), but sometimes you might have to hold the X button the whole time (repeatedly tap the X button to go faster in some cases). At least you won't have to drive.

Warning: Be sure to check the map when you think you're getting close to the end of your trip because my horse has gone what seems like miles past the waypoint before. I've also been run over by wagons and smashed into guys on horses more than a few times. Crashing into another guy on a horse will cause both of you to go flying and he'll start shooting at you once you're on your feet, forcing you to kill him, then there's a good chance that the law will be coming after you if any witnesses are left alive. When you see other people on the road, you might want to tap the touchpad to leave cinematic mode and take over for a few seconds. Remember that you can get attacked by wild animals or a group of unfriendly humans, so you need to be ready to take control at all times.

Fast Travel

You'll need a lot of money if you want to fast travel from camp. You have to upgrade your tent after you've played enough missions (from the ledger behind Dutch's tent once it has been unlocked), then you'll be able to walk around to the side of your tent and save some time by fast traveling to certain places that you have visited.

Keep a Save From Chapter 2

If you like your character (Arthur Morgan), your pretty white horse, your possessions, your chapter 2 camp, and your surroundings, keep at least 1 saved game from chapter 2. Things get crappier the deeper you go into chapter 3, then it gets even worse in chapter 4 and beyond. You'll probably want to go back to chapter 2 after you finish the game, especially since the camp in chapter 2 seems to have the best setup. It's easy to find and get to everything. It's just too bad that you can't run in camp. That slow strolling is bothersome. The next camp you get for part of chapter 3 isn't bad, but there's no camp poker table and everything has been rearranged. Some things get unlocked at the first chapter 3 camp, so you might like it.

If you really want to stay in chapter 2, do not talk to John Marston in Valentine.

Stealing those sheep with John Marston will soon force you to move to chapter 3.

After finishing the game, I didn't have any chapter 2 saves left, so I had to go back to the horrible snow days of chapter 1 just to get to the next chapter. Now I have 5 save spots for the end of the game, 5 save spots for chapter 2, and 5 save spots for the first half of chapter 3. I switch between them depending on my mood.

Chapter 3 Spoilers

You might like the first camp you get in chapter 3 as much as the one in chapter 2, if you like . . .

. . . fishing. Be sure to go on the barely noticeable fishing trips to eventually unlock the crickets. Since your camp is right next to the water, it's fairly quick and easy to catch some fish and give them to the camp cook.

If you like playing poker in camp, be sure to keep a save from chapter 2. I don't like playing dominoes and that's all you get in this camp.

When you play the main missions far enough into chapter 3, Micah will be sitting at the front of Dutch's tent. He wants you to go on a mission to make peace with Colm O’Driscoll. That's when everything starts to go to hell and you'll soon have to move your camp again. I had high hopes for the next camp, but I didn't like climbing stairs to get to my stuff every time. If you'd like to keep your camp next to the water and avoid a bunch of boring crap, ignore Micah's "Blessed are the Peacemakers" mission.

After the Credits Spoilers

You have a lot of money and you can buy an elite horse, so that's nice. I met a crazy artist a few times, helped that guy who seems to be a ripoff of Tesla (you have to visit him at night), and helped some ignorant hillbillies, but that's about it so far. Looks like you're on your own for the most part. I don't even see a way to feed my family like I could in camp. When I kill an animal and go home with it, there doesn't seem to be a person who wants it. You can do chores at home, but I'm not interested in doing boring chores. I already picked up more than enough barn dookie before the credits rolled. I'll explore some more and update this in the future if I find more things to do.

You can go to the left of the map and visit places you might recognize from RDR1 such as MacFarlane's Ranch, Armadillo, and Twin Rocks. There's not much to do there, so it's kind of a waste of time.

If you go back to the mansion that burned down, the body of the crazy old lady is still in it. Be sure to loot it. Those Lemonade Raiders or whatever they are called are still around. You can kill a bunch of them if you visit a couple of buildings that you've been to before.

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I started a new game and I'm back to chapter 2 again, so I updated the tips above. I was able to easily tame the white horse again by shooting and reviving it just like the first time, so it's repeatable.

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