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Art of Bosconian, ThinCade: (part 3)



Unfortunately, I really started this project long before I decided I was going to set-up a blog. Which means I don’t have pics of the entire Bosconian build. Here’s a pic from when I was about 75% done with Bosconian side of the project:


A lot of time went into creating the marquee, control panel overlay, bezel, kick art and side art.

- The way I made the CPO was to download a low res image of it (mainly because I couldn’t find a high res image) and I redrew it. Once I had the file done, I printed on my HP DesignJet 800 (or DJ800). Let the print dry for about 24 hours. I then laminated with a textured PVC material which looks and feels very close to arcade CPO laminate. This PVC laminate is a little lighter in weight and is not as stiff as the standard polycarbonate laminate that most use. Which means it won’t crack on the bends over time. Plus it’s also cheaper. Obviously, it will not take the same abuse as polycarbonate, but it’s going to be in my house and not on location.

- I found a vector image of the bezel on the web. I did however “clean” it up some as it looked to be a simple auto vectorization of a scanned image. This too was printed on my DJ800. It was not laminated in anyway since it will be placed under 1/4” acrylic.

- The kick art was a little tricky. I only had a low res image of it, but I was able to get most of the artwork from the arcade game flyer. So, basically I rebuilt the image so I could have the proper res. It is just printed on satin photo paper from my DJ800. Once I let dry a little, I laminated it will a glossy PVC material.

- Because the side of the cabinet is not as large as an original Bosconian, I decide to make custom side art. The space station (or “base” as it is called in the game) was a MAME screen capture that I enlarged. The logo came from from the marquee. Again, this was printed on my DJ800 and glossy PVC laminated.

- I was able to find a high res vector image of the marquee, but I did have to “clean” it up a little. Again, do to a auto vector of a scan. This was printed on special media that is designed to be back lit. Once I printed out the Marquee, I sandwiched it between two thin sheets of acrylic.

Here is all the artwork I made for this project:


The next entry will be the finished images of the Bosconian machine. Stay tuned...

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