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Back to the Commodore 64



So I finally got my hands on my copy of l'Abbeye des Morts. Funny story. I apparently accidentally put in an old address I had. And that's where it got delivered. Lucky for me, the guy who it got delivered to contacted them (how, I don't know), and told them about it so they sent me an e-mail. They said the guy would put it outside his porch and I went and got it. I felt weird, like a package thief, to get my package as I walked back down the street to the place I live now.

So I put it in. The Commodore 64 said in speech "Double Sided Games!", then after that, dead silence. The game was displaying, I could see it, but not hear it. I could play the game, but it feels like I'm not experiencing what I should.

Anyway, I went back and looked at my Hamburgers game I was making for the Commodore 64. I got inspired to work on it some more. Yes, I know a couple days ago I was working on the Celery game again. I'll still work on that as well. The packaging is well done, though. I even got a ring. Like one you wear on a finger. I don't know why. And the box is very beautiful and glossy. And the manual is great. The cartridge is a clear/white one. It plays like Panky the Panda for the 2600 is what I'd compare it to.

They're saying on the news again it could snow 2-4 inches tonight, but I doubt it because it's almost 8pm and still 39 degrees. Oh well.


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