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It's a small small world



While I can't bring myself to declare my animation aspirations dead, I've had a series of setbacks resulting in burnout and a need to turn away from it, so I went back to my guitar hobby. My hobbies tend to ride at the intersection point between two. Like with classic videogames I used my film degree background to make the Stella at 20 documentary. With the guitar stuff I was always fascinated with gear, most specifically, the tiny niche of guitar modeling and synthesis. Well, not that tiny if you consider the variax, but tiny if you limit it to Roland gear, since Roland is (IMHO) a highly dysfunctional company when it comes to its GK (13-pin) gear. Anyway, from a 2019 vantage point I kind of see the entire GK scene as analogous to classic videogames, more of a legacy thing for eccentrics, although Fishman seems to be doing alright with its MIDI converter wart. I'm in the process of making an adapter board that will allow the Triple Play to hook up via 13-pin, so it's a way for me to dust off my soldering skills (that I last used with AtariVox+) and do PCB layout for the first time. If I manage to pull that off I want to build a smart pickup switcher device for this fancy doubleneck guitar I have, but one thing at a time.

Anyway, since some people do sub to my blog I wanted to make them aware of a thread I started related to a piece of vaporware gear that has a chance to come back via the daughter of the engineer. I am pretty sure she can find the help she needs via AtariAge:



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