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JHL is back !



What's new ?

Nothing ... it's a hack of Brett Hull Hockey with 2019 rosters
Changing some graphs too

2 questions now ...

- Do you know the player on the Title screen for JHL 20 ? ( Stamkos on JHL 15 , Giroux for JHL 13 )

Poll to vote for this on May ... ( waiting the end of the season ... )

- Which Teams will have the 2 empty spots of Québec and Hartford ?

Carolina and Colorado to respect history ? Columbus and Carolina to respect Conference ? your favorite one ;) ?


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I would say Colorado and Carolina respectively. Is there any way to add new franchise teams like Columbus and Vegas? Might have to make space for Seattle's new team too...

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Sadly there is no way to add teams without a lot of crashs... The only to add a ( or 2 ) team is to rename All-Stars team ( Sounds/comments will stay as Brett Hull original )

JHL is a hack of an unreleased game ( 99% finished but not 100% ).


When a team is changed : Name, city name, rosters, colors of sprites, team comments are changed , all are in a different places in the rom. Adding team without crashing PlayOffs and Season mode is near impossible ...


The better way could be to ask the source of the game to Chris Oke and Ed Ringler ...

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When I started BHH hack the first project was Brett Hull Hockey 98 , because it was last season with 26 teams and last for Brett with the Blues .

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Alpha1 version available next week ...

No news graphs only Roster update !


Special Title screen only for this alpha release ( n°4 and 10 Stanley Cups ;) )

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I received no feedback from my question post on AA to resolve bpeg bug , so Project put on standby !

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