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SKYCOPTER II prototype one of one, arcade machine FOR SALE! $295.00



SKYCOPTER II prototype,arcade machine FOR SALE. a unique piece of ATARI history. This was built by CAROUSEL INTERNATIONAL in ELDON missouri. At the time they were going to use the popular ATARI JAGUAR platform. they had been producing helicopter type kiddie rides for years. so they put a JAGUAR console in a machine.
They did a pretty good job,however it never made production. At the liquidation auction in eldon mo in 2007 I bought the prototype,only ONE.
It is an interesting piece of machinery. It was built to use the SKYCOPTER II cartridge that they created.
It works pretty well for a prototype,It would be better with a SKYCOPTER II cartridge, I DO NOT HAVE!! It has a standard ATARI controller so it can play any ATARI game.
It also has a four axis JOYSTICK, with FIRE button. ( to shoot that jet in game down)Ha. The controllers only work the game, the helicopter rocks forward and back.
It is not perfect but the Only One! The machine is located 12 miles south of ELDON MO. Where it was made. Contact me with questions? BILL
$295.00 It has two speakers,sounds terrific!

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