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A moving story about Billy.




I thought that the title screen didn't look very good with the copyright notice right under Billy. So I decided to change the title screen. I changed the title so it was a smaller font size. I think this looks way better than it did. Thoughts?

I've also been working on this game for most of my waking hours again for the third straight day or so. And it is really hot in my room. Yesterday it was 77 degrees in my city. It's hopefully supposed to cool down. So now in the code I have a 6-digit score, different levels, death, music, sound effects. I just don't know what to do next, how to differentiate the levels besides just a level number. The only idea I have is making a third enemy appear.

I just thought of something: changing the colors of the grid. Green makes it okay, Yellow means it's about to change, and Red means if you start drawing, you'll instantly lose a life. Or is that too hard? I don't know. Anyone have any ideas? I also want a new Intellivision game for my collection, but it means spending $50 or so on a new homebrew.

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I think it would look even better if the copyright message is at the bottom of the screen and the score display inbetween the graphics and copyright. Not sure if you need the comma between the year and your name. If you desire help, over time I'm sure some graphics artist could come up with an even fancier title screen.

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