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Break song complete



I worked really hard and wore myself out working on the 19-minute-long MIDI composition. I went back to that website to convert it to MP3, and the result was it was longer than the MIDI. I had to make a special version of the MIDI (sped up) to make it the correct length. I went to check out the other one I had done, and it mysteriously slowed down as well, so I had to speed up the other one to make it the correct length as well.

It was quite the challenge to do, so it's not really perfect, and could use some better parts, but I can't do it because I am not really capable of making a really great, note-by-note perfect MIDI of a song like the same people who do the really great MIDIs. As a result, it's only 51 KB. But it does have 11 different tracks (instruments). And I think it sounds decent enough. So now with it done, I found another song to do. I went to YouTube, and it only had 7 views! So I downloaded the video of it.

I went and got my haircut and stopped at the game store empty handed (and with less hair.) Got some fries at Carl's Jr. Ready to return to Billy the Ball, if I can find something new to do with it...

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