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I've gotten an UNO Cart!



I’m very excited; I finally have an SD cartridge for my 2600! This has been a long time coming since all of the games I’d like to review are the weird and rare games that never show up on Ebay, and are incredibly expensive when they do. I don’t want to shell out $200 just to review Halloween so I think an UNO Cart will do just fine.

My rule has always been “if I can play it on actual hardware then I can review it”, so the UNO Cart exploits that intentional loophole perfectly.

There are two minor issues, one has to do with the UNO Cart itself, and the other is an issue on my end. The cartridge slot on my 2600 is extremely tight, to the point where Activision and CBS carts are getting scratches on the left side bumps. Matters aren’t helped when the left side screw is poking out a tiny, tiny, bit making it so the cartridge doesn’t fit properly in my 2600. The issue is easily fixed by removing the screw, and the cartridge is solid enough that it will hold together fine without one of the screws. My issue is a bit more serious but just as easily remedied. I don’t have an SD card slot on my new computer, so I am unable to load ROMs onto the cartridge apart from a few that were already on there for use on a Flashback Portable. You may think that the ROMs for the flashback portable would be just fine but the UNO Cart will only show 100 files per folder so the list gets cut off in the mid D’s. I’ve ordered a cheap SD card reader off of Ebay so I’ll be able to get that issued squared away all in good time.

Prepare yourselves for a torrent of strange, weird, and obscure games because things are about to get fun!

Also I tested it and Air Raid DOES roll on my TV, what a garbage game.

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