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Thunderbirds - Pilot episode



I've changed this blog from Space Patrol to Show Patrol.

I've been watching a lot of sci-fi shows while I continue my mediocre day at work. So... why not! Let's talk about shows as I see them?

So I've loved the reverse winged green ship in Thudnerbirds since I was a kid and even saw an episode or two of Thunderbirds. I've been more a fan of Fireball XL5 and Space Patrol. Watched the first episode in the DVD set.

The first episode introduces international Rescue which is alright. No distinctive character traits of the pilots yet.

Funny points:
Fireflash... a place on Fireball (a previous Anderson production)? Also ironical as this mach 6 plane had a bomb onboard?

LOL moment:
The plane is atomic powerful. It can circle over one spot for six months... BUT... the reactor walls need maintenance so everyone only has two hours to live.

Fun show, I can see why people like it. First time to really see Thunderbird 1 in action.


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