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Thunderbirds - City of Fire



In this episode we have the cool concept of a huge building that is a mile wide and tall with 12 hotels in it, a monorail... saw something on youtube about the building that could reach space and house humanity.

Lovely how they have the 4 miles of parking for 10,000 vehicles. And then one crazy woman driver (yeh Gerry Anderson stuff was released when women were known to be bad drivers) crashes her car into another car in the lot and blows up the whole lot, setting the building ablaze.

Huh... have to admit, never thought about what happens to a mile high building if it catches fire. :o

Love the equipment, like the Mole, the Elevator trucks, and other things that Thunderbird 2 has. And now we have Firefly. Gerry sure did like "Fire" things.

Really surprised that with all the cars in the parking lot that there was not more talk of other people in the building. Also surprised how little of the story dealt with the building and how quickly the building burned up.

Kinda a waste if you ask me about the whole building. Should have made more of a pile of wreckage I would think.

In the show they say the new item is three times faster than a laser beam? Three times faster than light? Really doubt it.

What is it with Gerry Anderson and tables that spin?

Damn, what exactly DOES John do in that Space Station for a month?

Ha... so the building is on fire and there are three people in the basement level. Sooooo... what I would the thousands of people above the basement?

DAMN people are impatient with International Rescue.

Love how they have to drain the pool every time Thunderbird 1 is launched. And the rocket flames don't scorch all the pool chairs and the pool itself?

So Thunderbird 1 is basically Fireball XL5? :P

"No one knows where they come from but thank God they come."

Tintin "... yes you guessed it, the driver was female". Wow. :P


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