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Jason of Star Command - Chapter 01 - Attack of the Dragonship



I remember seeing this some time ago. Nothing like a live action Filmation show complete with all the sound effects and music you would hear in He-Man.

So they introduce the mini-robot, W1K1. Pronounced Wiki. That would make a great name for a helpful place to get information. icon_razz.gif

Man the voices in this are all the voices of He-Man.. whoa.

Wow, Jason just rammed through a hatch like it was made of wood. That is one cheaply made hatch.

Ah James Doohan has the part in this as the Commander and Sid Haig plays the bad guy. YES. icon_mrgreen.gif. And the actor who plays Jason is charming enough too.

Apparently they have life support belts. Just rescued Doohan from space with no suit on so hopefully he had the belts as well, otherwise that would be one way to save money on the one person who is known in this show (aside from Sid Haig). icon_wink.gif

So the commander is resdued and Jason flies on to the enemy space craft, Dragos (I believe that is Sig Haig) welcomes him over the comm system while the large ship envelops his smaller ship.

Show's got cheesy charm. And lots and lots of the typical Filmation effects, sounds, and music.

Oh and James Doohan, I think he was paid by the line. He gets to say like a line before he is abducted and when they find him he is unconscious for the duration. Way to rent fame from a Star Trek actor. Let's see, about 29 episodes and James Doohan was in about 16 of them. I didn't realize this show came out in 1978 (to 1981). Wow... this is real cheese for the era right after Star Wars and around Battlestar Galactica. Wonder if this gets better?

Anyway, for Doohan around 1978 he was probably a little more affordable than after the Star Trek movies started back. Looks like Star Trek the Motion picture hit and Doohan was like "Alright, this has been fun playing make believe with you kids, back to the big time." icon_razz.gif

1978 was a magical time through wasn't it? Star Wars, this show, Battlestar Galactica, Atari, Intellivision. Watch a bit more of this and see if anyone has made a Jason of Star Command game hack. icon_wink.gif


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I remember watching that show, and being really impressed with the production values and effects (for Saturday morning fare). Filmation made Ark II, Space Academy and Jason of Star Command. I don't think they were actually related, apart from the re-use of props. But I think Space Academy was retooled into Jason of Star Command to cash-in on Star Wars.

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That's what I remember; was that they had good Special FX for the time (and for their budgets!)


You'll probably laugh, but back then we watched a show like this for one or two space ship shots (as in camera shots), and always hoped for one or two weapons shots (as in Lasers or whatever their ships fired) and with any luck an explosion or two...I don't even think I paid attention to characters or plot or anything like that.



I get them mixed up, but I seem to recall Space Academy had one kind of ship and the sequel (?) Jason of Star Command had 2 kinds of ships...I always assumed those 2 were related. I think the ships were called the same names, but as far as Ark II, if I saw it I don't recall...I get the impression it is not really related except for being by the same company.

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Space Academy's ship was called the Seeker. They repurposed the front-end of the Ark II vehicle for it. I don't recall what the ship was called in Jason of Star Command, but it was more fighter-like in appearance, and had an escape pod or something mounted to its nose. (Too lazy for Wikipedia this morning.)

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All right..I've got it!


Jason of Star Command was a spin off of Space Academy (Jesus I almost for got the name again haha)...Anyway the ship (Shuttle?) called a Seeker was in both shows and Jason had a ship called a Starfire (Not to be confused with Buck Rogers' ships of the same name IIRC) in Jason of Star Command.

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If I recall correctly, the Ark II was repurposed as the shuttle in Space Academy.


Fun facts, Jason, Craig Littler, was in a Gray Poupon commercial and is the current Gorton's fisherman.

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