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You Can Decide The Fate Of My Youtube Channel




I went AWOL on my Youtube account https://www.youtube.com/user/cessnaace/ several years ago due to illness, injury, and a dead computer. While I was AWOL my account stayed constant at an average of 1,828 subscribers. Since my return not only have I not gained any new subscribers, I've lost a handful of the ones that I already had. This probably has to do with my having to rely on recording videos with my Smart Phone. I have posted two Polls on my channel within' the Community section. Please consider taking the Polls. They are both short and would help me greatly.


Meanwhile ...

Steps That I've Already Taken In Preperation For Upgrading My Youtube Channel

  • Replaced the PC that died.
  • Bought an expensive microphone which produces high quality results.
  • Installed Audacity.

Steps On The Agenda

  • Upgrade PC Graphics Card to one that can handle capturing high-resolution play footage.
  • Buy a Video Capture device to capture play footage from consoles.
  • Buy a new Web Camera.
  • Switch from the Smart Phone to a High Quality Digital Camera.

Money is tight for us at the moment. Very tight. But I will NOT stop gaming. Nor will I stop buying games. That's in my DNA!


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