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Solar is active!



I finally received approval to turn the system on as of Friday the 26th. Somethings not quite right though as it shows Standby and the Powerwall at 0%.


Solar power is being generated though, so the standby above is most likely for the Powerwall.


I am able to utilize it as seen in the following.


  1. gap from when I tried to activate Powerwall by rebooting system
  2. got my Model 3 back from the body shop and plugged it in to charge. Unplugged at 5pm when I left for the evening
  3. plugged 3 back in

Car charging during C shows higher energy usage than B, so B must be showing the Grid usage - Solar production.

I had a lot going on yesterday, so only dropped an email to Tesla about it. Have not yet heard back. I tried the 800 number today, but "office hours are..." so will try again on Monday.

Per Smart Meter Guide 029 is Distributed Generation, so I've sent 36 kWh to the grid as of this morning. Not getting paid for this yet, the final step is for MP2 (utility company) to activate the net metering.


Tapped PowerWall icon


Thursday morning update:

blogentry-3056-0-76808200-1556802036_thumb.png blogentry-3056-0-65209300-1556805857_thumb.png

An hour later

blogentry-3056-0-05971100-1556805789_thumb.png blogentry-3056-0-29296900-1556805798_thumb.png

My setting is for Self Powered mode, it'll use the battery down to 16% before utilizing the grid. I also have StormWatch on which will switch the mode to Backup if a storm is forecast to make sure you have power in case the grid goes down.

blogentry-3056-0-05418700-1556821331_thumb.png blogentry-3056-0-84179400-1556821337_thumb.png

Clouds came in and caused a drop in production, so I got to see Self Powered mode in action.


In spite of that, the battery reached 100%.


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Just out of curiousity, on that Power Flow screen. I wondered if pressing the power wall button will redirect the solar power to the power wall to charge it instead of heading into the grid. Seems like that screen is interactive.

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Tesla was out, everything's up and running now. Status is now Charging rather than Standby.


He said up to the first 5 kW of production will charge the Powerwall(if needed). Then the house gets supplied, after that the excess will go to the grid.


The graphics make more sense now, but detail is quite small at the moment so I'll post updated graph images later today.

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