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Avengers: Endgame - Spoiler-free review

Nathan Strum



If you go to the theater late enough at night... you can still get tickets to Avengers: Endgame.

Which I did - going to a 10:45 PM showing last night. Mainly because I wanted to avoid spoilers, and the way articles and videos were popping up all over the internet about the movie, I figured time was running out. (I even ran across what turned out to be an incorrect spoiler watching a ZeroPage Twitch stream the other week. So nowhere is safe. Idiots who think they're funny or just want to ruin the film for others abound on the internet.)

Also, my internal clock is all messed up from work, so being up until 3 AM is kind-of unavoidable at the moment. But that's another blog entry for another time. (But if you want a hint... it's this time of year again.)

Anyway, onto the movie review. And just fair warning: there won't be much to it. Because while I'd like to describe it more, I don't want to risk giving anything away. Even minor things that might detract from some of the many fun, satisfying moments in this movie.

It should come as no spoiler by now that Endgame is intended to be the conclusion to the storyline that has weaved through the MCU movies since the first Iron Man film, which kicked the whole thing off 11 years ago.

And the only thing I could think of at first when writing this review was just to type "wow" over and over again.

Because that was my response watching the movie.

I'm glad I went in with no spoilers, because even though there are some sort-of vague hints that can be gleaned about what maybe the movie is about, I really had no idea where they were going with it, basically right from the first few minutes. And that kept up through the whole film, right through to the end.

Even things I suspected might be coming, were so well done, that I was still fully swept up in it anyway.

For me, this film hit all the right notes. Humor, emotion, action, and payoff. And the scale of it at times is... incredible. It makes Infinity War pale in comparison. This is a blockbuster, summer, popcorn movie, full stop. This is the popcorn movie. The Russo brothers were asked to describe it in one word, and they said, "cathartic". Yeah, that works. I'd go with "satisfying".

If I were to sum it up in a sentence, it would be:

What a journey.

Now, did I like everything about it?

Well, maybe not everything.

I felt the CG on one particular character was a bit uneven, but that's in part because they were trying something different.

And also there were some characters I'd like to have seen more of. But the core Avengers all got their moments to really shine here, and in that regards it was completely satisfying. If you've seen and liked any of the MCU movies, you need to go see this.

Now, if you think too hard about some elements of the plot, your brain will probably break. But really, this is the kind of movie where you go and shut off the analytical part of your brain, and just go enjoy it.

I'll give you one minor semi-spoiler of sorts, since it doesn't actually tell you anything about the movie itself:

If you need to hit the bathroom at the end of the film - there are no mid or post-credits scenes. The film ends when it ends. Although at the very, very end of the credits, there's a little something, and I'm glad I stayed for it. But it's not a scene or anything. It's a callback of sorts. But you're not going to miss anything like, oh, someone buying up the old Avengers tower and renaming it the Baxter Building or anything cool like that. Sorry - there's no hint of the FF or X-Men or any of the properties Marvel just got back from Fox.

I really, thoroughly enjoyed this movie, on many levels. It's a love-letter to comic books, and superheroes, and everything that makes them amazing and wonderful. I haven't had a movie experience quite like this since Mad Max: Fury Road. So that being the case...

Avengers: Endgame gets an 11/10.

Go see it. Before someone spoils it for you.

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Yes or no, do I have to see Captain Marvel before watching Endgame?


I wanted to wait til Endgame comes on streaming but the Internet nerds will start posting spoiler memes all over the place like they did with IW... :mad:

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No, you don't have to see Captain Marvel first, but I think that's a good enough film in and of itself to warrant seeing it. Also, I really liked her in her solo film, and in these big team-up movies characters get less of a chance for development. Endgame really assumes you know all of these characters, and there's not much in the way of explaining who they are or what they can do.


As for streaming, I'd strongly suggest seeing Endgame in a theater. This is a big-screen movie if there ever was one.

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I just came back from a vacation and saw it at a 9 AM showing in times square. I may try and go this weekend and see it in a fuller theater in 3D to get the full effect.


I thought that the interweaving of the stories (there were something like 5 or 6 parallel stories working around each other) was masterful.


the whole think was sort of breathtaking.


@Maddog, I would recommend Captain Marvel. For a big billion-dollar explodey blockbuster, it's very quiet and reflective. I saw it twice and thought that it was terrific.

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