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First 2 days



On Thursday I was 62% self powered:


Electricity usage for Thursday:


  1. Spikes = Air Conditioner
  2. Powering up things for the day - home and work computers, lights, coffee maker, etc.
    AC spikes disappear for a bit in the morning as my AC is set for 70°F during the night and 74°F during the day.
  3. Charging the car. Not usually done this time of day. The neighborhood kids have learned I work from home and that it's OK to come by if they need help - usually it's something with their bike. This morning a kid missed the bus and the middle school is 7 miles down highway 6, which has a lot of traffic on it.
  4. Charging the car after lunch + Air Conditioner
  5. Did a load of laundry, washer just after 4, dryer just after 5. I have a gas dryer, if it was electric then 5-6 usage would have been even higher.
  6. Watched some TV. I have a 65" rear projection HDTV from 2001, probably not as power efficient as current TVs. Also have a couple 300 watt halogen torchiere lights in the room, should probably look into switching those out for a newer LED model such as this one.

Clouds blocked the sun periodically during the day, which show up as dips in production:


Powerwall activity for Thursday:


From 8-1 the battery was charging. Was at 0 and hit 100% just before 1. At 1 it started to discharge to help charge the car. Recharged after the car finished, then supplied saved solar power to the house for the rest of the evening (and into the wee hours of the morning on Friday).


Grid usage for Thursday:


The morning car charging was mostly done via the grid. Anything let over during the day was sent back to the grid (anything below the line).

Overall summary for Thursday:


On Friday the sky was overcast for the majority of the day, but still managed to be 50% self powered.


Electrical usage for Friday:


Solar generation for Friday:


Battery activity for Friday:


You can see in the early hours of the morning it was still providing power captured from Solar on Thursday.

Grid usage for Friday:


Nothing was sent to the grid today, so I utilized all solar directly or to charge the Powerwall.

Overall summary for Friday:

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Not too long after disclosure day, we'll have free energy devices, so you won't have to worry about clouds blocking the sun. :D

I had this crazy idea to shine a bright LED flash light at the solar panel to charge the batteries. It's a possibility. Global light still powers a calculator.

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For me a sunny weekend day means clothes drying on the clothesline - or as I call it "direct usage solar and wind power".

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