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And yet still another small diversion

Nathan Strum


And my home video arcade grows! Last time, I added three new Tiny Arcade games: Galaga, Dig Dug and Frogger.

This time, it's Q*bert and Tetris:


In my first review of these, I mentioned Q*bert as a good candidate for becoming one of these Tiny Arcade games. I didn't think they'd make it though, because it requires the joystick to be turned 45°. Well, they actually did it - and it plays really well! Q*bert moves pretty quickly, and Ugg and Wrongway come out almost immediately in the second level, so the difficulty isn't quite right, but as I've mentioned before, these aren't meant to be exact, accurate re-creations of the arcade games. They're novelties and collectibles. They're completely playable, but really not intended for hours-on-end of gaming.

Tetris is a little odd to have as one of these, because I never really considered it an arcade game (although it certainly was). I always just considered it a computer or console game. But of course, I had to buy it anyway. It plays perfectly, although because the controls are backwards (I'm used to playing Chetiry right-handed), I keep accidentally fast-dropping pieces when I don't want to. My muscle memory is refusing to be re-trained. :roll:

These are still fun little cabinets to collect, and if anything, the playability is improving. Super Impulse will be releasing two more of these in June, too: Pole Position and Rally-X. And of course, I'll buy them.

I'm going to need a couple more inches of shelf space though...


(The hardest part of taking this picture was to get all of the cabinets to stay on long enough. They go into power-saving mode pretty quickly once a game ends.)

I wonder what they might make next? Xevious? Scramble? They've already licensed some games from Namco and Konami. Berzerk and Phoenix would be great, too. There are a lot of possibilities.

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Mousetrap. RoboCop. S.T.U.N. Runner.


Given how small the screens are, I'm not sure RoboCop or S.T.U.N. Runner would work very well at that size. RoboCop might be okay. But S.T.U.N. Runner should really be a sit-down cabinet. ;)

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Some other wish-list games I'd like to see get the Tiny Arcade treatment: Mappy (seems obvious in hindsight :roll: ), Bosconian (but only if they make the joystick 8-way), Crazy Climber, Donkey Kong (Nintendo would never go for it), and Gorf (with IP owned by Midway, Taito and Namco this is really unlikely).

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Love the lineup! All you need now is a tiny crane game and token machine.

I was thinking of 3D printing a small refrigerator dolly so I could move them around more easily. :)

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On 5/13/2019 at 10:55 AM, Nathan Strum said:

I was thinking of 3D printing a small refrigerator dolly so I could move them around more easily. :)


Or a tiny bill changer like Rowe's BC3500!   :P

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