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My Channel F came!



I got a new (well, as new as a console from 1976 can get) Channel F console in the mail today. And I am happy! I can now play Tic-Tac-Toe on it. I can play just about anything I want on it (that I have anyway). But I did find out as I suspected, my Alien Invasion cartridge does not work. But other than that, I am happy. Sounds come out of the machine. My Kevin Vs. Tomatoes game makes noises. It's lovely.

It came with the owner's manual, which is huge. And also, a little notice that talks about it ONLY working on channel 4. "Because TV broadcasting varies from area to area and to assure you of the best possible reception and the most enjoyment from your Fairchild Video Entertainment System your console has been specifically calibrated to work ONLY when your TV is tuned to channel 4." Why did they do that? If I had this back in the day, I would have said "OK" since we had a station on channel 3 (KVDO) in Salem, but I don't know why they did that.

It is a cold day here. I had to turn the furnace on because it was cold. And I got another shape working in my "Oh Well" INTV game. I've decided to work on one shape per day. Five more shapes to go. Fixed a few bugs on it. I guess, but it would pain me to do so, I'll put a copy of Alien Invasion in the pile of carts to convert to Killer Heads of Lettuce cartridges.

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