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Strange recurring dream



Two nights ago, I had a dream idea. Sometimes I get an idea for something to do while I'm sleeping. Sometimes they're good ideas, sometimes they're bizarre. This fell into the bizarre category. I dreamed I was trying to make a crossword about apples. I was only half-asleep as I was trying to figure out the word placements and stuff. I told my mom about my dream and we spent the next few minutes trying to think of words containing the word "apple". And then, last night I dreamed it again.

So I woke up at 3 A.M. to try and make a crossword about apples. Sounds really crazy, right? Luckily the crossword wasn't very big, 11 × 3, and all 3 of the across answers had to do with apples. At 4:30 A.M., I finished my first-ever Apples Crossword. I went back to sleep and woke up at about 9 A.M. with the phrase "Adam's apple" in my head for the basis of another one, and so I went to work. An hour later, it was completed.

So what did I learn from all this? Just about anything can be a word to use in crosswords. Googling "Maa" came up with the name of an airport in India. And that I have really weird dreams. I feel like I'm half-asleep when I have these weird dream ideas. Perhaps it is because of this, the fact that I don't sleep well, is why I need 12 hours of sleep every night, and even then, am sleepy when I wake up.


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