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Frank's continuing saga




Got an idea for a screen for Frank the Fruit Fly. Implementing it was really hard because it was a case of copying and pasting part of the code of a screen and then adapting it to suit the screen number you are working on. Which took an hour of yelling and cursing and trying to figure out why the button presses weren't working. But I finally figured it out. I do find it quite odd that I'm making a game for the Pokémon Mini that has nothing to do with Pokémon.

The last time we left Frank, he was up in the mountains where it was snowing. The snow stopped, but that doesn't mean Frank has it easy. He still has to figure out how to get past this snowman. The solution once you figure it out is quite simple. I wonder what people will think of my game once it is completed (sometime in 2021, probably. But that's okay, it'll be the Pokémon Mini's 20th anniversary). I wonder what people think of it now. I know my snowman looks crappy, but if I were to build a snowman if it snowed and if I were so inclined, it'd probably look just like that. After all, you can't make a perfect snowman.

Oh yeah, the solution: bite the snowman's eye. This will cause his head to disappear and you can pass. I tried making it so you can't go under the snowman's base, but I failed miserably and so I'm leaving it like it is now. But he can't go past the snowman until he bites the eye. And Frank does stuff like that with the A button. It's the mutli-purpose button in this game. I could probably make this game for the Atari 2600 if I was a whiz at assembly, like the people who create the amazing 2600 homebrew games now. But I only say that because the game uses one button.


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