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awesome weekend and my 5200 and collecting thoughts




I just spent the weekend fixing my 5200. I fixed the color on my 5200, re-calibrated the controllers and replaced the flex boards. lot a work but well worth it. My 5200 works better now than ever. I think it needs some more tweeking but now it works. Over all great system. I also found pacman defender super break out and Kangaroo MIB for $20. I now have 10 5200 games.

I also repaired my 2600 joystick and added a few more games. I now have 105 2600 games. nowhere near a complete set but will never own that too many one of games and such. My collection is going well. 60 in box games but not going for all in box just when I can get a great deal. I think I am like most collectors I want the games not something just to sit on the self.

One thing that I hate is MIB people IMO why have a game in an unopened box. Games are meant to play and enjoy not just look at. I also feel a collection is what you say it is. No one has the right to say your not a real collector or a true collector has this or that. I have never bragged what I have though if I get a treasure I wanted or really like I will show it to people. Mainly because it excites me not so I can say I have this and you do not.

Thats my thoughts anyone else have theirs.

My pride and joy in my Atari 2600 collection is my first release 2600 Sunnydale heavy 6er. My mom belonged to this "club" where they sent you free stuff to try and keep and by some miracle we got a 2600. It has promotional use only not for retail sale. Its also carved into the bottom of the system. very deep so it cant be removed. LOL will never sell it but its still cool I had the original controllers but they were lost they were also stamped not for retail sale on the bottom. I remember it had bright orange almost red fire button.

My favorite game I have is the combat game it came with then I would say adventure and berserk. still play those games.

Anyone have a pride and joy of their collection?

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The 5200 got a bad rap and is somewhat trashed by millennial posers of today.

That was my second favorite system, Coleco being the first.

I tore up Pacman, Ballblazer and Star Raiders.

I never had a problem with the system and I had most every game.
When I first bought mine at Lionel Playworld it was the original 4 controller port.

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