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the beginning of the end.



With only one hole left to design, I thought I might as well code the end. Since I had a whole bunch of spare room, I added an ending screen which displays your final score. I could even add an ending song if I wanted to.


By the way, a final score of one is impossible. I just did that because I started the game on hole 9 for testing.

I tried to design a ninth hole, but it ended up too similar to hole #5 so I threw it out and will try again. The ninth hole in there now is a test hole. At the final score screen, if you press fire, I plan to make it so it will erase your score and you'll end up at hole #1 again. It does that now, but since I made the game start at hole 9, that's where it will end up.

I got my hair cut and my head feels better but it's still hot. Or perhaps my body is in shock because it only got to 52 degrees yesterday.

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Which screen resolution does the Channel F have really? I've seen references to 128x64 out of about 102x58 pixels are visible, though at least my ancient version of MESS seems to generate a display that is 102x64 pixels. Would all of your game display correctly on the real system or would part of the stroke controller fall outside the visible area?

I assume the actual golf course is 72x52 pixels of which the water trap is 8 pixels wide and in sections of 16 pixels tall or taller? The trees also look to be 8x16 pixels. You wrote that your engine is capable of one water trap (stream/lake) and one tree, or two water traps, or two trees. I suppose with those conditions one can draw an ASCII map of each hole and easier plot where things can go.

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